Vision, Common Sense, Creativity, Value

We are a private company creating value through active ownership of businesses and advisory engagements.

We utilize creative management practices, productivity gains and growth as our primary drivers to create value. We are disciplined in our analysis, strategy and execution.

We partner with people, at all levels within the organization, and create the leadership training, priorities, focus, guidance and contact that make good companies great.

We focus the whole team on the big picture, allowing them to create the small masterpieces that create a success driven company.

Our Philosophy

Find the Vision. Create the Value

We believe in value creation through unleashing our potential as people. Companies are undervalued because their people are performing below their abilities. Our combination of experience in all aspects of value creation sets us apart from the field.

Let the Data Drive the Decisions

Access to the right information helps us analyze the right numbers leading to better decision making. This applies to revenue uplift or cost control.

Remove the Obstacles to Making Money

We spend more time with management if the business issues are complex. We create simple solutions to remove complexities, bureaucracies and drive decisions as close to the customers as possible.

Uncommon Sense

We have a common sense, which is uncommon in so many companies who wish to increase their value and presence in markets. Our simple approaches to complex issues fuel the growth in businesses we manage.

We Serve

We are customer driven and responsive, not customer reactive. Our proven methodology drives quality throughout the organization, and orients the companies which we manage exclusively around serving employee and customer needs. We like to serve and we like to help.

Hands On – Hands Off

Our style depends on the operational conditions and the management talent. In an ideal world, we would be hands off. But then again, in an ideal world, you wouldn’t need us anyway.

Management by Walking Around

We spend as much time as needed focusing strategy on static and dynamic goals through understanding our competitive position. We don’t inundate management with unnecessary reporting, meetings for the sake of meetings, or unproductive directives or programs. We value our team’s time, and know that time spent on the customer issues is more important than time spent in a board room.

Laugh More

At the end day, if its not fun, its not worth doing.

We create an efficient and productive environment to see opportunities where none existed before. We teach our teams how to execute on these opportunities and let the fun begin.